Friday, 17 April 2009

7+1 Bus Blogs (sort of)

Omnibuses2.0 last published its seven-plus-one quick guide to the top bus-related UK blogs in July 2007. So far as we knew, this is the first ever review of top UK bus blogs.

Blogging life moves on so, in reloading this feature, what blogs would Omnibuses2.0 include today? The quality’s gone up several notches and at least one of the original bloggers we featured no longer blog (or not on buses). Which means the original 7+1 has changed completely and now become 6+1… so we need your help in finding a further bus blog to fill the gap, via the Comments box, please.

In arriving at our 7(6)+1, we have now discounted those appealing simply to enthusiasts. Enthusiasts may read the listed blogs but they must also appeal to professionals and or the public.

“Updates” refer to the frequency of posting. Hence 1.0 equals something usually every day; 0.5 would refer to a post roughly every other day. Blogs are in alphabetical order save for the Plus One.

Bath Bus Station Info
Since October 2008 ~ Updates 0.4 ~ New
Of more local significance, this innovative site is an exemplar of how modern technology can actually help passengers day to day. An official First Bristol Bath & the West site, it highlights delays and other operational issues specific to Bath. It came into its own during February’s highly inclement weather. Why aren’t more operators using this sort of thing? See our review here

Britain by Bus
Since 2/2009 ~ Updates 0.4 ~ New
The inspiration behind this well-written blog is a six-day sponsored odyssey from somewhere in the wilds of Scotland to Brighton, only via Stagecoach buses. In preparing for the trip, the author posts some eclectic and erudite bus-related articles such as the nationalised industry, the future of the bus as seen through the pages of a 1960s I-spy book, bus journeys and Birmingham’s Outer Circle 11/11A. Support the blog and support the author’s charity.

Busworld Photography
Since 12/2006 ~ Updates 1.0 ~ Featured on the original 7+1
We continue to like this blog-meets-Flickr flashback. The author chooses pictures that express life rather than the usual, flatter ‘record shots’. There’s a satisfying amount of welcome explanatory text that make this blog so much more bountiful than Fotopic. You never know from one day to the next what might appear.

Driving Seat, from the
Since 9/2008 ~ Updates 0.2 ~ New
Unusual in that this blog is openly written by a senior member of staff at a bus operator—in this case, at Southern Vectis. We’ve oft said how operators should consider this blog thing to their advantage. This one sets out in easily understood layman’s terms some of the issues facing a modern operator. See our review here

Manchester Buses
Since July 2008 ~ Updates 0.4 ~ New
A well laid out and often breathlessly enthusiastic sit about buses in the Greater Manchester ITA, with a nice dash of good humour. Always positive and deceivingly the winner of the ‘Best Community Blog’ category in the Manchester Blog Awards 2008.

Velvet Bus
Since March 2008 ~ Updates 0.1 ~ New
A candid and honest account of life running a small, lower cost operation in Hampshire. Realism with a twist of humour but not updated nearly often enough.

Blog Number 7
We’ve struggled to find no.7. So it’s over to you. What would you suggest? Please complete the comments box below.

And, for the record and SEO, here's the "Plus One"...

Since 9/2003 ~ Updates 1.0 ~ Featured on the original 7+1
Forgive us for adding Omnibuses2.0 as we did last time, for we do so for search engine optimisation. It would be unfair of us to comment on ourselves, so we leave it up to Jimmy Mac, who says, "It’s fair to say that Omnibuses blog is the leading UK blog devoted to all things buses, with regular postings for the past four and a half years. Written by a mystery editor based somewhere near Bournemouth, it takes a look at the whole spectrum of topics—from industry news and thoughts on marketing to more specialised topics such as bus photography and south coast goings-on."


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Anonymous said...

Love your site. My nomination for blog is totally different to anything you've featured:

It's a candid look at the life of a night bus driver in Glasgow. No detail is spared, the author is such a good writer painting an often bleak but always hilarious picture of life as a Scottish bus driver.

It's possibly one to shelve under fiction, but it's so funny and the stories are probably ones many of your readers can relate to.

rcr57 said...

Totally different from the other suggestion - TAS publications Blog Good update on current policy issues

Omnibuses Blog said...

Bloodbus is an interesting nomination but one I feel that is of rather a specialist nature. The TAS blog appears concerned with issues that surround a number of modes and not just the bus industry. Even though it’s not simply about buses, TAS’s probably sits more comfortably with the idea of the 7+1 Bus Blogs and if there are no others to consider, TAS’s it is. Still time to let me know.