Sunday, 21 October 2007

Showtime – 6

Omnibuses2.0 continues its look at Bus & Coach Live 2007

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Attractive 34-seat open top midi coach by Indcar with 34 rugged though comfortable seats
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An unusual Spaniard to English eyes is Indcar. Specialising in mini- and midi-buses, making their debut in the UK was its Mago 2 range of two, on importer Esker’s stand. They were nothing short of impressive.

Fellow transport writer and editor of Buses magazine Alan Miller must’ve thought so. Enlarge by clicking the first picture on this post to reveal a pensive Miller, just about visible at the rear, pondering the strikingly designed Mago 2 Cabrio open top 34 seater. He’s the one with the beard.

Unvi Touring XL with large luggage hold. Front engined truck chassis can compromise accessibilityThere’s been open top Bristol RE single decks (Isle of Wight & Scarborough), a Transit, and a Sherpa but nothing’s been as swish as this Cabrio. This year’s damp summer may put off potential UK investors, though. It’s interestingly to R66 rollover standard, without roof. It’s on an Iveco chassis.

Unvi is another name that’s not terribly well known in the UK. May be that will change as this Spanish bodybuilder in business KVC converted Univ Cimo XLsince 1995 increases its overall European sales. Its designs are also striking. There were several on the Esker stands, including the new competitively priced 51 seat Touring XL 11.5m on a Mercedes Axor 1828L front-engined truck chassis, plus the new Divo XL by Univ, via EskerKVC-converted 33 seat Cimo XL on a Merc 1022L Atego truck and 12.8m 57 seat Divo GT on a VDL 4000 chassis.

Also launched at the show was an Unvi/Esker Riada GT midicoach, based on the Mercedes Vario, able to seat up to 29.

Photos by Omnibuses' Northern Correspondent


Gene Hunt said...

that open top thingy looks like an overgrown toyota previa...funny having a coach on a lorry chassis though, probably have to adjust the suspension

Anonymous said...


Coaches on lorry chassis have a long history. This is how coaching basically started. Ever since there have been examples, sometimes aimed at African markets and the like. A recent one is the Iveco with Scolabus 68 seat school bus body

Gene Hunt said...

I knew that was how coaching started...I was just surprised about using a lorry chassis when there are purpose built coach chassis out there....something to do with cost?

Anonymous said...

Something to do with cost