Friday, 24 August 2007

7+1 Top UK Websites

See also 7+1 Top UK Bus Blogs

Each in four lines or fewer, here is Omnibuses2.0's quick review of seven-plus-one top bus-related UK websites, all worth a look. They're all non-commercial. So far as we know, this is the first ever review of such UK bus websites. Feel free to add your own comments on these or other bus-related blogs we might've missed.

1. Country Bus

Well written and entertaining, this site comes highly recommended and not simply because it majors on Dorset (though there’s much more besides). An historic and nostalgic look at mainly country buses, weaving a story that goes well beyond the vehicles themselves.

2. Doe’s Directory

It may look 1990s, but it certainly gets the hits. Bournemouth’s Barry Doe knows his publicity as his site demonstrates. See if your local operator or council appears in his 35 printed timetable hall of fame.

3. Bus Lists on the Web

Probably the most comprehensive bus related web site ever, if you are a hardened enthusiast that is. This site gives a raft of information on almost any bus that’s ever been. Well, many of them. Popular.

4. Classic Buses Website

Don’t ever mention front entrance, low floor, Dart or Volvo. This long-standing site majors on the halcyon days on the half-cab, crash box, peaked cap and cheery clippie. In desperate need of a Dreamweaver makeover, though maybe its look reflects the serenity of charming past times.

5. London Bus Page

Really a blog before its time. A well-written historic resource chronicling in reportage the London bus scene and particularly the demise of the Routemaster. Appropriately, it finishes with the last ever RM in everyday service.


Not your usual linear website but a pretty, cgi-driven site, specialising in the once mammoth Midland Red. Included here for it’s clever mapping that shows the changes in BMMO depots over the years. Spot the marked shift in 1974, when WMPTE took BMMO’s Birmingham operations.


An unusual site, doing no more than the title suggests, and not just in Britain. Lists of current open top vehicles by location, giving some information on the routes upon which the buses are used.

7+1 Vehicle Registrations

Older readers will have been fascinated by Gordon Watts’ column in bygone Buses Magazines on vehicle registrations. They seem to go hand-in-hand with buses. This site, though apparently ‘dead’, does give much historic background to UK registration marks.


Anonymous said...

I was grateful for the link to the vehicle registration website, not seen that before. Plus CountryBus – what a find!

You don’t mention the

There are a huge number of bus photo sites. IMHO The best is at

What about the Bus World?

simon31 said...

An excellent blog in my opinion is the one written by David, a Stagecoach Devon bus driver. It can be found at

Don of Oxford said...

Did you mean to include the Oxford & Chiltern Bus Pages? Five years old and updated weekly. A good site :-)

Even better is Specialises in old and new and good features, too,

Anonymous said...

Another top site to mention is

The latest full timetables for all bus routes in the London area. TfL should provide this info but they don't.

Anonymous said...

You may be interested to know that the Southern Vectis website is online. I remember there was a lot of discussion about this and how with more new info it would "clutter" the site.


Anonymous said...

"An excellent blog in my opinion is the one written by David, a Stagecoach Devon bus driver."

A real shame he got sacked for taking a photo from the cab when stationary for 2 or 3 minutes.

People reckon it's Stagecoach Devon's mass driver culling after the holiday season.

Dorset Traveller said...

The Open-Top Buses website no longer exists (

Martin said...

The following website has bus information, blog and free-cards of buses: