Saturday, 18 November 2006

Also at the Show

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Overheard at the Evobus stand at Euro Bus Expo 2006 were two operators commenting that if their vehicles smoked like the Mercedes Benz Tourismo, they’d instantly attract VOSA with a PG9 (an immediate prohibition).

But this was the launch of Mercedes Benz’s right hand drive Tourismo coach, only seen two months earlier at Hanover, with if not mirrors, plenty of smoke – from dry ice machines rather than the 12-litre engine.

Time was when Germany used to import “gastarbeiter” (literally “guest workers”) from Turkey to power the West Germany’s manufacturing powerhouses. Now, German workers have set up a Mercedes plant in sunnier Turkey.

Also from Turkey, making its first UK appearance, was the 35 seat Temsa Opalin. It adds to the full-size Safari, already on British roads, albeit in small numbers. For a vehicle of this size, the Opalin is a handsome offering and the Safari isn’t bad, either.

Euro Bus Expo 2006 was far more of a European affair than its previous guise. Autosan, complete with English speaking Polish representatives, exhibited the model you might expect, the Eagle school coach (with both 3+2 and 2+2 seating). Unexpected was the Jelcz Libero M083C mini bus, in left hand drive form, which may in future be badged as an Autosan. This 16 seat/30 standee low floor vehicle was at the show more for existing customer evaluation, was well finished and quite attractive, the more so given the Polish east European design and build legacy. The entrance, however, was very tight and would undoubtedly fail EU certification.

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